About J Fremont

Author and veterinarian, J Fremont creates historical fiction novels that propel readers back in time.

Inspired by her dreams, Fremont’s writing has been celebrated in numerous reviews. Her efforts have been described as beautifully written, spiritually thought-provoking, engaging, immersive and heavily researched. She has been featured in podcasts and blogs, including the renowned Corning Museum of Glass and Writer’s Digest.

An avid researcher, her debut novel Magician of Light transports book lovers to Victorian era France, England, and Egypt, with iconic jeweler and glassmaker René Lalique. Her pending work takes readers on a mystical adventure between ancient Egypt and modern day. For 25+ years, Fremont practiced small animal veterinary medicine while also serving as an adjunct professor at a local university and community college. Married and the mother of two adult sons, she enjoys creating visual art.

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About J Fremont

Author/veterinarian J. Fremont has created Magician of Light, a novel about famed glassmaker Rene Laliqué. Exercise your imagination. Enjoy!