Magician of Light

Magician of Light

A Gothic romance filled with action and adventure about the charming and ambitious glassmaker René Lalique, the mysterious Englishwoman he falls in love with and their haunting encounters.

Fascinated by the occult, René feels stifled, apprenticed to a traditional jeweler. Yearning for the creative freedom to explore the mythical world in his art, he leaves Paris to study at the Crystal Palace outside London. There, he meets Lucinda Haliburton and her dysfunctional family.

Having returned from an archaeological dig and tomb discovery in Egypt, Lucinda believes she is preyed upon by ancient spirits. Rene finds her unearthly situation both enchanting and frightening. Is it imagination, delusional, or a real ghostly encounter?

Magician of Light illuminates the dark side of Lalique’s authentic life while spinning a suspenseful tale of twisting fates. An enthralling fairytale love story filled with historical fact, intrigue and overshadowed by the unknowable.

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What People are Saying

“Fremont debuts with a dramatic story of lost love, family secrets, and ancient magic. Magician of Light is a memorable story of historical intrigue, jeweler René Lalique, and the relationships that inspired his art. This is a compelling, engaging tale of historical intrigue, and Fremont’s characters are immersive.” — Booklife Reviews by Publishers Weekly

“Beautifully written, spiritually thought-provoking, emotionally-charged, and heavily researched, I found it to be the perfect book for me to read over a rainy, foggy week. With the world mired in chaos and crisis, this book will offer a delicious sip of something grander than the daily grind – a refreshing glimpse into a strange cosmos of complexity, meaning, and awe. In short, it is the perfect novel to be reviewed and recommended by a website.  Indeed, it is lovely, haunting, and engaging. A slow-burning, cyclonic journey into the mysteries of the human heart and the secrets of our ancient souls.” — Michael Kellermeyer, (for full review visit

FIVE STARS – This was such a fascinating read! I never heard of Rene Lalique before this book so it was quite interesting to learn so much! The reader gets an in-depth look as Rene discovers a supernatural side of life with spirits real or imagined, love, betrayal and mental illness. This book really sucked me in! The written is fantastic but the way the author blended the mystical elements with the real life and still giving us characters that are easy to feel for and relate to was amazing! It’s deep meaning full and a book you won’t be able to put down but will stay with you long after the very last page! Truly an amazing read! — The Page Ladies’s Review, (for full review visit Goodreads)

“Reminiscent of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White, Fremont weaves a gripping tale of spirits, hallucinations, insanity and betrayal to take the reader into the life of the famous Rene Lalique . . . Fremont masters incredible accuracy and detail of European dress, food, street scenes and daily life of the late 1800s to early 1900s. Magician of Light delves deep into the fascinating era and story of a unique artist of his time.” — Lucinda Jackson, author of Just a Girl: Growing Up Female and Ambitious and Project Escape: Lessons for an Unscripted Life

“With each stroke of the pen, Dr. J Fremont gives us an in-depth view of the masterful art of René Lalique. The settings, art medium, and process Lalique used to create his art was so intricately described that it placed you into the scene of each chapter. Fremont so eloquently details the imagery of Lalique’s work in Magician of Light that it connects you as if you were an observer at a Fine Art Exhibition.” — M. Bernard Edmonds, (BerniE.) – Author, Artist, Sculptor, Song Writer

“Fremont suffuses this story about the artist, René Lalique with a magic that captures the flavor and atmosphere of Paris and London at the end of the 19th Century, where the mystical lived side by side with the rational. Her detailed account of Lalique’s life takes the reader on a fascinating journey as he seeks to find his place in the world of art and along the way discovers love, insanity, heartbreak, betrayal, and a secret world populated by spirits, real or imagined. Reminiscent of 19th Century gothic novels, this fictional account of the artist’s life is both engaging and informative.” — Susan Speranza, award-winning author of The City of Light, The Tale of Lucia Grandi – The Early Years and Ice Out

“Subtle, smart, compelling, and blessed with an intelligent storyline and top-notch writing, Magician of Light transports us to European life at the end of the 19th Century. Through Fremont’s sensory descriptions, readers practically live—smell, taste, see, touch, and hear—the life and art of René Lalique.” — Laurie Buchanan, award-winning author of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth, The Business of Being: Soul Purpose In and Out of the Workplace, and the Sean McPherson novels

“The 19th century passion for Egyptomania is on full display in this haunting dark romantic novel. The interlacing of Rene and Lucinda’s stories was intricate and compelling pulling me deeper and deeper into the book. There was an essence of mysticism that was present throughout the entire book and a deeper message about destiny, souls, reincarnation, and spirit that was coming through. I could not put down this spellbinding book. It was esoteric, spiritual, and magical, and I hope the author continues writing supernatural themed stories because for a gothic novel, the magic and classic gothic elements were of equal weight…the goddess Maat would be proud. The light of ancient Egypt, truth, fate, and love shines through in the Magician of Light by J. Fremont.” — The Starry Library, Net Galley reviewer

“If you’re looking for a magical read about a real painter, René Lalique, and his contributions to the art world then look no further! J. Fremont does an excellent job of really delving into the mind of this painter, adding in some romance, and writing beautiful and accurate historical fiction. The reader can tell that this book was researched with care. A great read for historical fiction lovers that are interested in a dash of romance!”— Books Forward, Goodreads reviewer

“I loved how this book followed the life of Rene Lalique; he is a person a didn’t know much of anything about until I read this book, and it was so interesting. This book also has a romance / heartbreak element to it that made the story feel so real even though it’s a historical fiction. I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. :)”— Corrine Pritchett, Goodreads reviewer

“This book offered a bit of everything. I loved how it followed the real life of Rene Lalique so closely. It also had a mysterious vibe with all of the Egyptian elements. There is also romance, along with heartbreak, disappointment, and regret. The story had the feel of a tangled spider’s web. I liked all the historical details the best.”— Kayla Tornello, Net Galley reviewer

“Loved the gothic atmosphere in this one. The relationship between the characters made me feel all sorts of emotions. This is a book that deserves to be read carefully for you to appreciate its beauty. Overall a very good read!”— Librarian946017, Net Galley reviewer

“If you’re looking for a book full of mystical with gothic undertones, look no further! The author combines the supernatural and mystical in a beautiful manner, while keeping the characters down to earth and relatable. The writing style is very rich and spiritual, full of deeper meanings relating to one’s spirit/soul, that’ll take you on a truly unique journey. As I said, this is a rich book that deserves to be read slowly and deeply, it’s not the kind of book you finish in a day, but it’ll definitely stay on your mind way after you finish it.”— Imène, Net Galley reviewer

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