Love Springing Forth

Love Springing Forth

Do you remember the colors in your dreams?

I do. I wake up remembering vivid and distinct colors springing forth.

You might be thinking, “I don’t remember my dreams at all.”

How do I remember my dreams so well? By keeping a journal by the bed and documenting them as soon as I wake up. Even if I only remember a few things, I will write them down. If you start this practice, over time, you will not only remember most of your dreams but you will start to remember a lot of details including color.

Color has many symbolic meanings especially in dreams. Not every one of my dreams has definitive color associated with it. But the ones that do, I know that color and the symbol attached to it has significance.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. One of the things I associate with Valentine’s Day is pink hearts. Red hearts too but I’ll save that color for another day.

Pink. Pink is the color of universal love, kindness, compassion, tenderness and acceptance. It is a color that is considered more feminine, romantic and delicate. Pink brings other words to my mind: innocence and trust. Women, especially little girls, wear pink much more than boys or men.

I bought my hubbie a pink shirt and matching tie once… Suffice it to say: he likes blue and green better.

I like pink but green is also one of my favorite colors to wear.

Green. Green is Nature. Mother Earth. Green symbolizes life, spring, growth, renewal, balance and harmony. Green is also a relaxing and peaceful color. It is also the color associated with our heart chakra; the energy center of our compassion. Where our love is.

I don’t know about you but I love Mother Earth as she is Our Beautiful Green Home.

How appropriate then with Valentine’s Day coming up to combine these two colors? What is Valentine’s Day but a celebration of Universal Love bursting forth?

Pink Roses

So this is my pink and green Spring Necklace.  I constructed these bead sections and used copper chain to finish it.

Spring necklace with green striped bead

Spring necklace, big pink bead with bead caps

Spring necklace, red and green striped bead

Spring necklace, faceted green and pink beads

Spring necklace, pink and green beads

Spring necklace, big pink pearlescent bead

Spring necklace, faceted green bead

Spring Necklace, attaching bead sections

Spring Necklace, bead sections

Spring Necklace on mannequin, front view

I hope this inspired you to spring forth this Valentine’s Day and create love and kindness in the world!

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