It’s About Time

It’s About Time

The great thing about making your own jewelry is that it is custom (the colors you like), you can match it to your outfits and it is cheaper in some cases, and if you don’t like it, you can always disassemble it and make new stuff- repurpose the beads! And the best thing about costume jewelry is that even if they are sparkly beads, you can wear them every day with jeans- not like real diamonds, pearls, etc.

Beads are generally much less expensive than diamonds (the beads I buy anyway) so you can afford more than one!

If you don’t like sparkly things like faceted glass and metal spacers, then use natural stone, wooden or clay materials. Instead of wire and chains you can use leather thongs, cord or ribbon. There is a multitude of products with which to make your creations. I am a fan of incorporating a variety of materials. Mix and match, I say.

Variety is the spice of life, right? Make and wear what you like. Don’t be afraid to be individual. Don’t worry if others will like it. To each her own.

This idiom reminds me of the time when a friend came over to visit after we had finished remodeling our mountain cabin. As we sat in our modest family room/living room, she commented that she liked what we did to the place. Then she cryptically added, “Except that red clock.” She was referring to a red clock that we had placed above the TV located in a small alcove under the stairs.   We had chosen that place because it was a convenient spot to view it and it fit into the small space as well as was a spot of color on an otherwise empty beige wall.

red clock above tv

I was perplexed by her remark. I supposed I should have asked her why but I was taken aback and speechless (for once). I didn’t understand her motivation in uttering such a statement and it gave me much contemplation. My initial thought was that she had overstepped social convention bordering on rude but then my mind quickly turned to analysis and speculation. Why had she said it?

Perhaps she disliked the color red. Her least favorite color.

Perhaps she disliked timepieces. They reminded her of the grains of sand slipping through the hourglass of our lives and how we all march towards Death.

Perhaps it was the placement of the clock above the TV. It was a distraction from the distraction: TV, which takes us away from contemplation of the passage of time, those falling grains of sand and how we spend those moments…

I wasn’t at all certain of her reasons of disdain towards our clock but I was sure of one thing. I had spent way too much time analyzing her off the cuff remark and still had not arrived at a concrete answer.


Attempting to elicit consideration of her enigmatic declaration from my husband to find a solution, I asked him what he thought she meant by her comment. Being a man, his rejoinder was succinct and concise.

“Who cares? We like it.”


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