That’s Entertainment

That’s Entertainment

Well, the Oscars are over and what a show, eh?  I admit that I tune in for the fashion (so many rhinestones,beads and sequins) as much as for the entertainment.

That was amazing technology to make everybody but Neil Patrick Harris “disappear” off stage.

Good thing that I am not on that team as I am electronically challenged.

I am rather clueless about basically all things electronic but especially those that use remotes for selection of functions. You know, operating the home entertainment system; switching from the TV to the DVR to music channels, etc.

If it has more than three buttons: power, volume and channel changer, forget it! And then switching from remote to remote… Seriously, how many remotes are really necessary???

The idea of attempting to program the remote… Mind-boggling…

I can perform a duodenocholecystostomy (yeah, say that three times fast) but I have difficulty turning on the TV and stereo. Go figure.

You know what I know how to do when it comes to the remotes? Store them efficiently and stylishly.

Storage Box

As a result, I leave all A/V-selection, set-up, operation to the men in our family. I fear touching the “wrong” button on the remote and screwing anything up.

You see, in addition to being a pretty good handyman, my hubbie is rather knowledgeable about AV. If our friends have problems with their AV unit set-up, they know who to call for help. He enjoys good quality entertainment as well as its delivery systems.

Like Nipper. Remember him? What a cutie!


This reminds me of the first time my husband came to my condo to pick me up for a date before we were married…

He arrived and walked in. I observed as he casually took in my décor and then started to look anxious.

Noticing his perturbed behavior, I asked. “What’s the problem?”

“Where’s your audio system?” he replied rather pointedly.

I pointed to a boom box (remember those?) situated on a ledge incorporated into the staircase leading to the loft.

An incredulous look overtook his face. “What?!” His mind processed this revelation reluctantly. Unable to accept this bombshell, he stated with mild disgust, “That’s all you have?”

I nodded my head.


“Uh, huh.”

This was too much for him. He persisted; trying to understand my obvious lack of enthusiasm for the acquisition of quality audio products. “Why don’t you own a stereo?”

I flippantly replied, “Why spend the money? The man I marry will have one.”

Little did I know.



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