Experiencing Antiquation

Experiencing Antiquation

I’m not dead. Yet.

But writing this blog and attempting to use new technology has made me feel old.

Actually, make that antiquated. “To make obsolete, old-fashioned, or out of date by replacing with something newer or better: This latest device will antiquate the…”

Insert a word/phrase. Like slide rule. My kids know what a calculator is but not a slide rule. I had to explain to them what it was. One of my sons saw an abacus displayed as décor in a model home and picked it up. “This is an abacus, right?” he asked. I told him yes and he replied, “How do you use it?” Heck if I know. At this point in time, you decorate your house with it because it looks cool.

Time marches on and brings new changes. I am using a word processor not a typewriter. I have progressed. I think.


What’s that you say?

The cloud? Huh? I am not really sure what that is or where it’s located. But the important thing is that someone does.

What’s next? A chip automatically placed in our brains at birth? A mini-radio installed to drown out all other unwanted communication? Who’s in charge of the information dissemination and content?  A younger neighbor actually told me that he looked forward to the day when that might happen. Should I be afraid or embrace that technological advance?

I suppose it is the same way that people who drove horse and buggy viewed cars.


What in tarnation is that noisy contraption? (To get the full effect, say it with a twang.)


I suppose, in order not to feel antiquated, I need to welcome change and not mourn the past.

We attended a BBQ on a recent holiday weekend and I mentioned that my eldest son was a DJ (what do they call them now?) on a local college radio station. The topic of conversation naturally turned to music and the history of recording technology.  Subjects such as  obsolete 8-tracks, old favorite records, famous DJ’s,  and music played on the Oldies radio station were discussed…

What?! The Eagles are being played on the oldies station now? What happened to Elvis and  Jerry Lee Lewis? I mean we are talking “real” old, right?

Our neighbor was lamenting about how his kids only know about these people and things because of him.

A feeling of smug satisfaction overcame me and I smiled as I thought, “Ha! Ha! I am not the only antiquated person here.”

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